Monday, April 25, 2011

How I spent the last hour

Get ready to put the Whole Wheat Vegetable Lasagna into the oven and realize that it is made w/portobello mushrooms.  **shudder**   Little, Little Man needs his diaper changed, no diapers handy, leave him laying on the changing pad (on the floor) to go get some, walk past the kitchen & realize the ice tea is not brewing into the pitcher but all over the counter/floor.  Forget about Little, Little Man in the scramble to clean it up. Hear a baby screaming & rush back to the living room to find that Little, Little Man rolled over & bumped his head on the coffee table. Change his diaper, make a comment about his stinky poopy to which Mini responds "me, too!" Follow Mini into the bathroom to find she pooped in her underwear, get her cleaned up & hubby walks in the door...  I'm beat!