Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Have I ever mentioned how much fun dealing with a teething baby is?? How about 2 of them? It is great! (If you're buying that I have a bridge...)

The boys are teething hardcore again. The worst of it comes & goes and right now it is really sucky. The boys have been waking up of and on all night long and, usually, one will wake the other. :-( Last night Big, Little Man was up for 2 hours. Ugh! We try not to medicate the boys too much- they both get Benydril to help with sinus drainage and Big, Little Man gets Claratin for his allergies. Tonight they are getting baby Advil in the hopes that their teeth don't bother them & I (we, really because Hubby gets up,too) can get a solid night's sleep.

It wasn't an easy decision but sleep is a precious commodity that neither of us can afford to do without.