Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twice the...

Aahhh.... The magic of twins.  When I got pregnant last January the first thing I noticed was how much bigger I seemed so much earlier than my pregnancy with Madison (does any of that make  I told my nurse practitioner, whom I have known almost half my life, that her only job was to tell me my due date and that I was NOT having twins.  Well, the first thing I noticed when I had my ultrasound was that as she moved the wand across my stomach there seemed to be 2 voids.  I chose to ignore it.  You can only ignore it for so long.  My husband cracked a joke, "there's gonna be 4 in there."  :-o I told him not to joke.  The ultrasound tech said, "well, there's not 4 but... There's 2."  :-O  Of course, I immediately went into shock.  That is almost too much to absorb, I can't even imagine being told there were more than that.  My nurse practitioner was excited, of course, even if she didn't quite do what I asked.  It was a long pregnancy that I thought was going to get the best of me but with tons of support from many friends, whom I call family, I was able to make it.  The twins are almost 20 weeks old now (WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?) and, so far, we are all hanging in there.  We have survived jaundice, their first colds, and weaning them off the 2am bottle.  I can only think about how everything is twice as much than when you just have one.

Twice the worry,
twice the work,
twice the exhaustion.

Twice the crying,
twice the terror,
twice the illnesses.

Twice the diapers,
twice the formula,
twice the bibs,
twice the laundry.

But there is also:
Twice the giggles,
twice the wiggles,
twice the smiles.

Twice the joy,
twice the cuddles
twice the love.

I'll take it.  :-D

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