Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tackling the crib

Hubby rearranged the boys room last night so that he could fit their swings in it.  For those of you who don't know they sleep in their swings, usually from 11:30p-ish til 6:00a-ish.  At the last minute last night we decided to try to put the boys to bed in their crib.  Gasp!  We didn't expect it to last long as they don't like to lay still unless they are in bed with us and even then they want to be held.  So we laid them down on their sleep positioners and turned on their music.  After a couple of times sticking their paci's back in their mouths they went right to sleep.  They woke a couple times needing paci help but from 11:30p-ish until 5:00a-ish they slept in their crib in their room.  Plus they didn't wake up when I had to pass through the room to go check on their crying sister and the floor in their room is the squeakiest one in the house!  YAY!!!  Hopefully by the time we go to NY they will be used to sleeping in a crib so we don't have to share the hotel bed with them.  :-D

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