Friday, January 14, 2011

A touch of OCD

I might be a little crazy; heck, I'm probably a lot crazy.  I recognize this.  I have taken a lot of flack for assigning my kids a color.  What does this mean???  Well, my daughter and my niece were born 3 months apart and pretty much have always lived near each other.  This means they are often bought the same items- stuffed animals, toys, clothes...  So my daughter gets purple and my niece gets pink (this is supposing they come in those colors...)  With my sons one gets green and the other gets blue.  This drives some people in my life absolutely crazy.  Sad thing is it drives me crazy if they don't follow it!  All I can think is 'at least I'll know whose is whose when they are fighting over an item.'  Yes, I will take the easy road.  Pick your battles/issues, why add more when you can avoid it.  Right....

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